María José  Villacreses

María José Villacreses

Native of Manabí, Lawyer by profession. She began to gain professional experience since she was a student, working simultaneously. She stood out for her ability to resolve and manage relationships. She was elected the Student Representative for the Academic Council of her University. She has worked from the Notary of her city, as well as a legal assistant in law firms, and currently in the legal area of ​​the Municipality of Manta, where she lives, linked to the port, awakening his interest in maritime activity. She has a Master’s Degree in Maritime and Port Law, from the Tech University, based in Spain.


client´s reviews

It was a pleasure to deal with you again so many years after my first visit with M/Y Aviva in 2000, and especially nice to find the services you provide enhanced if anything. Our visit was, I think, very short in comparison with most yacht visits, but nevertheless, you managed to ensure our clearances, delivery of provisions, a full and engaging guest itinerary were all handled and prepared with great detail, and you ensured a fantastic experience for the owners and their guests, not to mention the crew.

I hope to see you there again in the future with a new command.

E. CooneyCaptain of 60m+ Grace E

I want to testify that I have known Ricardo Arenas, Superyacht Galapagos (Sail n' Galapagos) for more than fifteen years, and has assisted me in the organization of the visits. He has always demonstrated professional ability, seriousness and being the most reliable agency in Galapagos. If in the future I had to go to the Galapagos Islands again, without a doubt I will use the professional agency services of Superyacht Galapagos, since it is the only way I have the certainty and security that everything will be a success.

David BeharrellCaptain of 60m+ M/Y Lonian