Galapagos Fuel Service

Galapagos Fuel Service

The only fueling station in the Galapagos Islands is in Aeolian Bay, in Baltra Island.  This fueling station belongs to PETROECUADOR, an Ecuadorian state company.  In this station large amount of fuel is available, however, there is only one diesel product available in the Galapagos, which usually meets the standards.


  • SAIL’N GALAPAGOS must create a yacht registration: “Fuel Code Authorization”, into the fuel state company system so the yacht may be authorized to obtain fuels at Baltra station.
  • Fuel code authorization may take three business days to be issued.

Price and Deliveries:

  • Every month, a new fuel price is stated until the last day of the same month.
  • Fuel deliveries can be done any day of the month.
  • An almost exact amount of fuel must be requested, as it’s not possible to buy
    more fuel in that moment if needed, and it’s not possible to leave requested
    fuel behind.
  • We work with most Yacht Fuel Brokers for possible fuel orders.

Fuel dock:

The dock has two pipes in its 80 meters of length (10 meters deep in high tide). One pipe is 35 meters long and delivers fuel at a rate of 100 to 250 liters per minute. The second pipe is 25 meters long and delivers fuel at a rate of 250 to 450 liters per minute (2-inch cam- locks are available). Private fuel barges are also available.

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