We, Ricardo and Yvonne, represent the foreign
yachts in Galapagos. We are the starting point,
the first agency founded in this unique World
Heritage since 1998.


Ricardo Arenas, lives in Galapagos since 1985. For 4 years he worked in an institution that promotes the regional development. He has a specialization in developing projects in conflicted areas in Israel; Shipping Business in NY; Auditory of the ISO 9001:2004 norm, Marine Security in Panamá; currently training in SuperYachts management; more certifications and a lot of administration courses, constantly training him to carry out this activity with professionalism.

Between 1989 and 1998 he worked managing local tour vessels and hotels. He promoted, together with a group of people compromised with the Islands, the creation of the Special Law of Galapagos. He has been the promoter of private yacht and sailboats´ visits to the islands.

In 1998 he created Sail’n Galapagos, and has since then, up to today, assisted 80% of the international traffic, backed up by the quality of his assistance and service. Nowadays, he is participating in the design of new rules that will promote the visit of private yachts in Galapagos, recognizing this kind of visits in the Galapagos Regional Model of Tourism.

He has been dedicated to the assistance of private yachts and sailboats since 1999, optimizing the procedures of their assistance.

He has taken part in International Shows, related to the world’s private yacht industry, as he is a part of this industry.

2007 was a year with many difficult circumstances, being able to overcome and learning from them, but staying in the leadership of the field.

He is also a sport activist who has created organizations like the “Galapagos Challenge” (www.galapagoschallenge.com), an organization created in 2008 with whom he organizes national and international recognized races, promoting a lifestyle that is compatible with Galapagos’ nature, and the regeneration of the biodiversity.

He has been a member of the Tourism Board of Galapagos and other organizations that look for a way to preserve the Galapagos Islands through education.


It´s not a business; It is a compromise to
and to the standards of our customers, the yachts.
We believe in conservation,
but through sustainable management.


For further custom information, please do not
hesitate to contact us.




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Photos by: Yvonne Mórtola, Juan Carlos Balda, Adriano Arenas.